The genus Fuchsia

By Arthur Tickner

This CD is the presentational support used during a two-day residential course, conducted by Arthur Tickner, held twice a year by the Field Studies Council at the beautiful and historic Margam Country Park estate in South Wales.

The CD content is a very detailed and comprehensive description of the origins, evolution and subsequent collection into cultivation of the species and cultivars of the genus from its initial discovery to the present day.

The CD is in Microsoft 'Powerpoint' format and includes a support programme for those computers that do not have 'Powerpoint' installed. The presentation is filled with pictures, maps, graphics and text, depicting all aspects (historic and current) of the genus Fuchsia.

The disk has been produced to help with the raising of funds for continuing research projects undertaken by FRI and the transaction between FRI and someone requesting a copy of the CD will be regarded as giving a donation towards the FRI research fund.

Donations of 12.50 pounds sterling, 20 euros, or 25 US dollars (inc. postage and packing) will secure prompt delivery to you upon receipt of your donation. Please send requests for the CD to:

Fuchsia Research International (CD)
c/o 65 Coalbrook Road
United Kingdom.

Thank you for your interest and support

Arthur Tickner (CEO Fuchsia Research International).